Mare Mountain
Mare Mountain

Mare Mountain

Agriculture and know-how
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This circuit is divided in two key steps: the beginning is a long and steady rise with no particular difficulties and some various atmosphere: undergrowth ways, clearings ones… Once on the ridge, the trail is a lot more athletic but offers a breathtaking panoramic view on Méouge and Lure valleys.

Back in 1975, Eourres village was nearly abandoned. Buildings were renovated by today’s new inhabitants whose were looking for a better quality of life. The village activities are mainly based on agriculture, biology and tourism. A specific connection can be felt in this isolated village as the messages on the information board at the village entrance tell. (Carshare, birthday’s notes, varie services,)


  1. You can park your car at the village entrance and hike up the path on your right. This path leads to the village information board. Pass by the fountain and take the 2nd path on your left near the « Montagne de Mare, Col St-Pierre par la Sapie » signpost. Start onto a small path going through pastures.
  2. Go on the path leading to Mare Mountain and ignore the path on your left going down to the Damias. The path crosses pastures and follow it until St Pierre pass. A faster but more athletic variant trail exists by taking the path on your right heading to Mare Mountain.
  3. Straight forward, cross two clearings (1363 meters). They are located at the end of a small valley. When the second clearing crossed, take the undergrowth way on your right. Here, you can enjoy the beeches forest coolness.
  4. In a small clearing near a ridge, go on your right on the hiking up way. Go to the end of the clearing (1403 meters) and take another path on your right, ignoring a wide way on the right.
  5. At the end of the way, take the path going down to a cairn (1420 meters).
  6. When you reach Alpine grasses, keep looking for a signpost on the left ridge. Go to it by crossing the slope. From here, starts the most athletic part. At the signpost, hike up and follow the ridge on your right. The rise is quite tough, but it is worth the effort if you want to see a stunning view. Go along the fence leading to the summit. At the signpost, do not follow Eourres way back but continue to follow the fence.
  7. Still follow the fence on your left a few meters before the summit. The path goes down a stiff slope until the pass. At the pass, go down straight forward on the ridge. At the signpost near a huge rock (1502 meters), go down on your right. The steep paths lead to Verdun pass.
  8. At the markings ways junction, turn right towards Eourres. The path slightly goes down and becomes more and more craggy. At Verdun pass (1314 meters), braves ones can hike up to « Pied du Mulet » and then go down to Eourres by old tracks. Otherwise, you also can cross the ford on your right (1201 meters) and go down to the village.
Towns crossed : Éourres, Saint-Vincent-sur-Jabron

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Information desks

1 place de la République, 04200 Sisteron

04 92 61 36 50

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Access and parking

From Laragne-Montéglin (23 km), follow the departmental road D 942 and the departmental road D 24 at the south-west until Eourres.

Parking :

Parking : There is a parking lot beneath the Eourres village (cars are prohibited in the village).

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