Raton’s Ridges
Raton’s Ridges

Raton’s Ridges

Summit and pass
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Raton Mountain

Located at Rosans’ north-west, Raton’s mountain offers a 360° panoramic view from it’s ridge.

This mountain oriented east-west divides the Rosanais valley from L’Oule valley. It’s shape is caracteristic from the Jurassic period. The north side (ubac) is a rock slide area including a fir trees wood in the upper part and a pine trees one beneath this area. On the summit of the south side (adret) greenery is lacking a lot. There barely is some grass. Lower, an area of box trees, broom flowers and oaks grows. Torrents makes the mountain’s side craggy.

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Pommerol’s pass

Pommerol pass is a crossing point between Les Hautes-Alpes and La Drôme, two French departments. Also named Col de la Fromagère, the pass is reachable from the tracks of Suquet and Raton’s ridges. The pass overlook the public forest of Eygues.

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Information desks

Rue Aristide Briand, 05150 Rosans



04 92 66 66 66

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Access and parking

From Nyons (at 41 Km), drive towards Gap on the departemental road D 94. Then take the departemental road D 25 in the direction of « Col de la Fromagère. » After more or less 3 Km, take a smaller road heading to the Raton’s hamlet. The road quickly turns into a track and ends up at the hamlet.

Parking :

Parking lot, « Hameau de Raton ».

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