Suquet’s Ridges.
Suquet’s Ridges.

Suquet’s Ridges.

Summit and pass
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« Le chemin du facteur » – The Postman round – has a very long rise, some ridges to go through and beautiful panoramic views.

A variant of this hiking also exists through Le Fourchat ascent.

4 points of interest

Broom Flowers

Mostly situated around the mediterranean area and in the Côte d’Azur, broom flowers (Cytisius scoparius) can even be found in south Alps. Broom flowers can be seen on the whole territory and their sight and scent are very enjoyable. Broom flowers also make the landcape lovely.

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The public forest of Eygues.

The public forest of Eygues stretches on a zone of about 20,95 km² and the major part of it’s territory is in Le Rosanais. At the south of this forest, there is a protected area (ZNIEFF zone – Zone of Interest for Ecology, Flora and Fauna –). Thorny trees are a specific feature of this natural habitat. Black grouses, Le Sélin à feuilles de silaus – a particular type of flower you can only see in the Alps – and Irish fleabane, are determining species protected at a national level.

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Pommerol’s pass

Pommerol pass is a crossing point between Les Hautes-Alpes and La Drôme, two French departments. Also named Col de la Fromagère, the pass is reachable from the tracks of Suquet and Raton’s ridges. The pass overlook the public forest of Eygues.

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The Suquet ridge’s path offers many outlooks where you can admire Rosanais valley and the outset of La Drôme through the Pommerol pass.

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  1. From Rosans’ place, take the road leading to the Pommerol pass and then take the second right turn towards the barracks. Once the barracks overtaken and the dead end reached, take the path on your right. Pass in front of the Calvary overwhelming the village to go to the ridge. Cross a track (1018 meters) and hike until the summit of le Suquet (1098 meters) is reached. After this, there is an easier climb to reach the Counière pass (1117 meters).

  2. Go on the path leading to Pertus’ ridge. From Pertus’ ridge, a return trip to the Fourchat summit (1563 meters) is possible by following the track on the right. – The return trip is about 2,6 km and 260 meters slope – Then go on the main track on the left until the Pommerol pass.

  3. At the Pommerol pass, go down the road and take the 1st path on your left leading to Rosans called « chemin du facteur ».

  4. On your right, reach and follow the hairpin bend of a wide track for 60 meters and then take the path on the left. Start walking on a flat path and go down the slope crossing some other tracks. The path goes down to Rosans. Reach the crossroads above the village and go back to the departure point by hiking the same route.

Towns crossed : Rosans, Pommerol

Altimetric profile


A variant of this hiking also exists towards Le Fourchat ascent.

Information desks

Rue Aristide Briand, 05150 Rosans

04 92 66 66 66

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Access and parking

From Serres (24 km) take the departemental road D 994 towards Rosans. Drive up on the right from the departemental road D 25 to the village centre.

Parking :

parking lot in the village centre near the tourist office in Rosans.

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